Courtyard of Vogiatzis House

Ένα ανάγλυφο του 5ου αιώνα βρίσκεται στην αυλή της οικίας Βογιατζή, και αποτελεί μέρος της εκθεσιακής διαδρομής και προσωρινό έκθεμα του Διάσπαρτου Ανοιχτού Μουσείου. “Ξεναγός” μας είναι ο ιδοκτήτης του σπιτιού. Επιμέλεια έκθεσης: Χαρίκλεια Χάρη και Γιώργος Ιατρού.  



As part of Art-Athina 2015, the Scattered Open Museum of Attica held its “opening” on June 6 in Keratea with an exhibition of contemporary art that was based on private collections belonging to people from the community of Keratea. These collections comprised of ancient and modern artifacts that tell the region’s and the community’s history, customs,…


Notes for a museum of the Commons (Towards S.O.M.A.) @ Keratea

The workshop Notes for a museum of the Commons (Towards S.O.M.A.) was held in Keratea, on November 2014, at the context of Microgeographies@WWSf. Microgeographies project have been continually researching on Urban Commons. On Chapter II: An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning(2013), the community resistance for the creation of the Landfill in Keratea, was presented by…