SOMA @ MeetSeeDo2018 Conference

SOMA participated at Meet, See, Do 2018 Conference.


Meet, See, Do is the annual traveling conference of the Balkan Museum Network designed for sharing ideas and knowledge among professionals from the Balkans and beyond, creating international links and partnerships.  Since 2013, Meet, See, Do has gathered more than 350 museum and heritage professionals, from over 15 countries, discussing different issues on more than 80 sessions.
The conference is not an event open to the public; only previously accepted participants can attend the conference.


We participated in several workshops and presentations such as the presentation of the program “A Touch of Hiatory!”; An innovative program by the team of National Historical Museum for blind and partially sighted visitors. At the photo our representative Hariklia Hari is wearing the death mask of Kolokotronis during the presentation.

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