“Touch-Feel-Listen-Smell; Museum, Cultural Narrative and the Senses” Workshop Evaluation

Find bellow the results of the participants’ evaluation of our session. After the conference the participants have filled in a comprehensive online survey about all aspects of the conference. 45 participants have filled in online survey. image

14.a. Additional comments “Touch – Feel – Listen – Smell; Museum, Cultural Narrative and the Senses” -Hariklia Hari

13 responses

  1. Well-prepared and organized session!
  2. This was an opportunity where we could see around twenty different perceptions of how to make the exhibition. But that wasn’t idea of creator of the workshop. My main impression was how to reconcile a strict curatorial approach with the creation of exhibitions that provoke emotions.
  3. Not well structured
  4. W’shop from Hariklia was very pleasant experience.  She led it more like smooth and tender game. Using simple tools and resources she reached to the point where importance of space (inner/ outer) raised by itself. Her approach let participants to re- think, even define “space” either as some abstract place, or very specific, such as exhibiting space. Also, it was very important to distress importance of exhibiting artefacts in different context, and awareness of possibilities of reading it. These questions are very close to my curatorial practice, and I am grateful to be part of this workshop.
  5. I enjoyed a lot performing our SOMA workshop; the team was supportive and inspiring. Scarcely i have collaborated with such a committed audience; the workshop was based on our experience, so it was a great chance for me to explore and investigate more on producing common narratives.
  6. Great workshop! She changed my thinking about objects and exhibitions. We did not have enough time for everthing. So nice!
  7. The title misled me – I was expecting more practical implementation experience
  8. The most interesting and most creative sessions of all of them on this years MSD conference. Hariklia showed us a new perspective on approaching the art objects and the ways of thinking as an curator. She held us in expectation all of the time. Nobody knew what was going on, but suddenly all of the pieces came together.
  9. not so focused. interesting theme and idea which need additional development
  10. Very inspirative and different.
  11. In the begging I was confuse but at the and it was great session with some many open question. We should try to make one museum outdoor.
  12. Very interesting – although the concept (and the question) was not very clear…
  13. Probably I had different expectation for this workshop. Must say I was bit confused because I expected to use more senses or to talk more about how to implement more senses in the exhibition.


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