Public Discussion “Archaeological Sites, Art and Everyday Life”

We have planned a series of lectures to investigate the need for a Self-Managed Local Museum that incorporates the dynamics of the particular site and points out new ways of cultural management, production and distribution. And explore ways of creating it. The first panel discussion on “Archaeological Sites, Art and Everyday Life” took place on June 6, 2015, at the Association of Intellectual and Social Activity Kerateas “Xrisi Tomi”. The discussion delved into the concept of the archaeological site and its relation to the urban and natural landscape, re-examined the current relation of the Attica landscape with today’s interventions by planning authorities and private individuals, and focused on the way in which art and artistic practice act as catalysts in the creation of new urban structures.

At the panel participated the architects Iosif Effraimidis and Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, the archaeologists Despina Catapoti, Yannis Hamilakis and Helen Stefanopoulos, the editor Theophilos Tramboulis, and the president of the local Cultural Association “Xrisi Tomi” Stamatis Papathanasiou. We had interventions by the artist and rector of ASFA Panos Charalambous, the artsits Christos Kotsoulas, Rika Krithara, Angelos Skourtis and Kostas Tsolis , the collector and resident Lela Zaroliangi, the archaeologist Despina Koutsoumba. In the discussion participated also artists and residents of Keratea. Coordinated by Hariklia Hari and Yorgos Iatrou.




































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