Notes for a museum of the Commons (Towards S.O.M.A.) @ Keratea

The workshop Notes for a museum of the Commons (Towards S.O.M.A.) was held in Keratea, on November 2014, at the context of Microgeographies@WWSf. Microgeographies project have been continually researching on Urban Commons. On Chapter II: An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning(2013), the community resistance for the creation of the Landfill in Keratea, was presented by the architect Hariklia Hari, among the incorporation of ancient ruins in the life of the neighbourhoud by the citizens of Mets, the opening of the Shooting Range in Kesariani initiated by the artist Angelos Skourtis and other microspots of commoning. This was the beginning of a collaboration between Hariklia Hari/Microgeographies and Yorgos Iatrou/Xrisi Tomi, that led eventually to the discussion of “SOMA as a Museum of Commons” to be initiated at Keratea, in collaboration with the local community.

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